Councilwoman Watch Party kit!

Use the step-by-step guide below to gather your friends/family/neighbors and tune in for the national television broadcast!

Join the LIVE Q&A with Councilwoman Carmen Castillo and Director Margo Guernsey, following the broadcast!

about the film


Councilwoman is an inspiring feature-length documentary film about a Dominican-born hotel housekeeper who ran and won a seat on city council in Providence, Rhode Island.

It’s screened at dozens of film festivals, conferences, communities throughout the U.S. Now you can bring it to your community!

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How to watch & Join Us!


watch the television broadcast


DATE: September 3rd

TIMES: 8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm  MT / 5pm PT with an encore broadcast at 9pm PT

What channel? It will be on the program “America Reframed, broadcast on World Channel on PBS—Click “Find your station” to enter your zip code and find your local station.


Join the live Q&A!


DATE: September 3rd

TIMES—following the television broadcast: 9pm ET / 8pm CT / 7pm  MT / 6pm PT

How to join: Right after the broadcast, click below to join us and to submit your questions for Councilwoman Castillo and Director Margo Guernsey.


Host a watch party

4 part step-by-step guide

Host a memorable watch party with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, or your organization, using the guide below.

(Scroll to the bottom for FAQ’s and a printable version)


STEP #1: plan your party


WHERE—Decide where to host your party

Whether it's bringing together your friends and family in your living room with a bowl of popcorn, gathering members of an organization together at a union hall or school, or organizing a public movie night at a community center, you can join in and help show more people why #RepresentationMatters.

Wherever you decide to host your party, keep in mind that you will need a screen or television, and seats (or comfy floor pillows) for your guests to be able to see the screen.

HOW & WHEN—Decide how & when you’ll watch, here are your options:

  • If you get World Channel, on September 3rd tune in for the television broadcast & Live Q&AUse the link above to find your station, to make sure you get World Channel on PBS, and make sure where you’ll host your party has TV/technology that can tune in. Use the link above to join the live Q&A.

    • Times for the broadcast premiere are: 8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm  MT / 5pm PT with an encore broadcast at 9pm PT

    • Join the live Q&A after the broadcast premiere at: 9pm ET / 8pm CT / 7pm MT / 6pm PT

    • Click here to add a reminder to your calendar

  • If you don’t get World Channel, stream it online after September 3rdIf you don’t get World Channel on PBS, then you can still host a watch party during the month of September. The film will be available for free live streaming 30days following the broadcast—the link will be available after the broadcast, and you’ll receive it via email. You can also still join the live broadcast on September 3rd, even if you don’t get World Channel.


Step #2: invite & confirm your guests


Make a guest list (now, takes 10 minutes)

Who do you want to watch the film with? Who will you invite? Write down a list of names—coworkers, friends, family, neighbors—the more people the better!

Invite at least twice the number of people that you want to attend, and expect about 50% of those who say they’re coming to show up.

Invite your guests (~2+ weeks before)

You know your network best and nothing is more likely to make them show up than a personal invitation from you. Tell them why you’re excited to host a watch party and how meaningful it is to you for them to join you!

We recommend you send your invitation in the way you think is best—personal text messages, email, share our Facebook event, or create your own online invitation on a site like Eventbrite to manage RSVPs in one place. Send out the trailer as part of your invitation!

Tell us about your party! (~2+ weeks before)

Check your RSVPs (~1 week before)

Are you getting the response you expected? Ask your guests to bring a friend,

It’s a good idea to call your list of expected guests a week (or a few days) before your party to confirm attendance - and remind them how meaningful it is to you for them to be there!

send a reminder email/text to the entire guest list, or do another push on social media.

Send a reminder (~1-2 days before)

Send one more email/text the day before your event to share why you’re excited to be hosting, what the film means to you, and a reminder with the details like the time and address.


Step #3: party time!

watch the film & join the live Q&A together!


Welcome and introductions (10-15 minutes)

Welcome your guests, and once everyone is comfortable, share with the group why you wanted to host a screening and why the topics in the film are important to you.

Watch the Film! (60 minutes)


Join live Q&A! / discuss the film (30 minutes)

  • Go to our Facebook page here to tune in and ask Councilwoman Castillo or Director Margo Guernsey questions!

If your party is after September 3rd, then have your guests talk about what you feel and think. We recommend first sharing why it as important for you to host a screening, and then asking others to share how they’re feeling, what surprised them, and if anything inspired them to think differently about elected officials. If you’d like to reference some statistics on representation, you can start here.

Group photo or group selfie (2 minutes)

Take a photo with your group to commemorate your party! We can share it, or any photos from your event, in the official screening tour album here.

Share on Social Media (1 minute)

Thank your guests to joining the party!

Encourage them to follow the film and post about your screening and use hashtags #RepresentationMatters and #CouncilwomanFilm.

Encourage others to host a screening (1 minute)

Mention that guests can host their own screening. If everyone who hosts a watch party gets just one more person to do the same, together, we can move the messages of the film from the margins to the mainstream!


Step #4: let us know how it went!


Thank your guests! (Next day—2 minutes)

Thank your guests for joining you! Share your favorite moments, photos, or reactions with them. Let me know how you think they can stay engaged in your local community or with the film's community by sharing their own experience on social media.

Tell us how it went! (Next day—2 minutes)

Thank you for hosting a watch party! Spreading the message of this film, is only possible because of people like you who believe that #RepresentationMatters!

We’re excited to hear how your party went! Here are some reactions after screenings

  • “The film is inspirational!”

  • “Knowing it’s ok to start from nowhere, like Carmen did, was most helpful to me. I loved it!”

  • “I felt the film was one of the most authentic depictions of a local, grassroots campaign that I’ve ever seen.”

Please let us know your party went in the form below. This information is also very helpful for us in understanding the reach and impact of the film!


  1. Can I get a printable version of this guide? Yes, CLICK HERE for an editable and printable Watch Party Guide

  2. Is hosting a watch party free? Yes, as long as you tune in for the national broadcast on September 3rd or stream it online 30 days following the broadcast.

  3. What if I don’t get World Channel? You can host a watch party 30 days following the broadcast, when an online streaming link will be available.

Thank you!