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    By hosting a screening, you are joining a worldwide network of organizations, community leaders, conference directors, union organizers, and engaged advocates who believe that #RepresentationMatters!

    A film screening event is a powerful tool for activating communities. Some hosts use their event to discuss representation in their community, some use the film to inspire new leaders, and others use it to activate volunteer efforts in their organization. Unlike passively watching a movie alone at home, your film screening is an opportunity to create a special event for your community. Hosts have organized receptions before and after their event, and had a panel post-screening discussion.

    To host a screening, first request a screening here and our team will get back to you with a booking form where you’ll book your screening and tell us about your organization/yourself and your event (your goals/hopes, venue, date, etc.). If you don't have a venue, date, etc., you can still book your screening.

  2. What’s in the Host Screening Kit?

    Once you book your screening, you'll receive:

    • The film - The Councilwoman feature-length documentary on a private link, DVD, or BluRay.

    • A license to screen the film, for a limited, non-broadcast, public or private exhibition.

    • Event Planning Checklist, a digital tool to help you start planning your event and with best practices on how to use film as a tool for activating community.

    • Post-Screening Q&A Guide, a digital tool to help facilitate conversations after the film.

    • Social Media Kit, with social media ready graphics and templates, high-res behind the scenes photos, film stills, and more to help promote your event.

    • Press Kit, to help you reach out to press for your event.

    • Help from us! We're here to help you every step of the way. Here's how we can help you:

      • Your event on the film's website, so that it is officially a part of the Councilwoman screening tour!

      • Your event in the film's newsletter and social media platforms

      • You/your organization will be added as an event co-host on the film's Facebook page

      • We’ll be your thought partner on how to best use film as a tool to strengthen your work and activate your community! 


    Yes, it starts at $295 for a one-time public or private screening, then varies depending on your use of the film (i.e. an individual who wants to screen it once versus a university that wants to keep it in your library for years to come), the number of screenings, and if you decide to have a disc or link to the film. Request a screening using this form and you will receive all the information you need that's specific to your needs. All fees go to supporting the film’s impact campaign.

    Note that screening hosts are welcome to partner with local organizations to sponsor and co-host their event as well as sell tickets to their event and retain the proceeds.

  4. Do I need to Have the venue, date, and time in order to book?

    No, you don’t need to have your event details (venue, date, time), in order to book your screening. The details of your screening would be specified as "Coming Soon" on the film's website and newsletter, so that you can start building visibility and buzz for your event asap.

    The Event Planning Checklist that you will receive will also help you with planning your events details. You can then reach out once you have that information and we’ll update it on the film’s website, newsletter and social media.


    You can host your event at an office, movie theater, conference, university, union hall, library, community space, or even your living room. The venue is entirely up to you!

  6. What technology do I need to host an event?

    When you purchase your screening license, we either mail you a DVD or BluRay disc of Councilwoman, or send you a private link to the film. The only technology you need to host your event is a screen to show the film, speakers to hear the audio, and if you chose a disc, a DVD or BluRay player.


    The film cannot be used to support specific candidates or political parties, or to lobby for a particular issue.


    The film is 57 minutes long. Many groups appreciate having time afterwards for a discussion.

  9. Does Councilwoman Castillo work at the hotel?

    Yes! Councilwoman Castillo takes great pride in her work and is currently serving her third term on the Providence City Council while continuing her work as a hotel housekeeper.

  10. What language is it in?

    Spanish and English. The DVD has two versions of the film. One with English subtitles and one with Spanish subtitles.

  11. Can I host multiple screenings?

    Yes! The first screening is $295, any additional screenings are $99.

    Still have a question?

    Email our team at info@councilwomanfilm.com