E. Bayoán Ríos Escribano


Bayoán is a Puerto Rican-Mexican film composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, folklorist, arranger, orchestrator, concert composer, and educator. Bayoán received the 2017 Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album with singer-songwriter iLe, and was nominated at the 2005 Latin Grammy Awards for Best Folkloric Album with Tepeu, a Latin-American music group founded in 1973. He has recorded guitar, zampoña (pan flute), charango and bombo legüero (drum from the Andes) with renowned artists such as Eduardo Cabra (Visitante/Trending Tropics), Jorge Drexler, and Chambao. He has written and performed music scores for films such as “15 Lighthouses of Puerto Rico” and “¿Quién eres tú?”. Bayoán also works as an orchestra conductor, teacher and mentor for “Programa Música 100x35” and “Despertar Musical” at the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico.

Angélica and Bayoán are long-time friends who grew up together in Puerto Rico. Although they have collaborated in many other projects before, “Councilwoman” marks the first time they bring a film score to life together.