Angélica Negrón


Composer and multi-instrumentalist Angélica Negrón writes music for accordions, robotic instruments, toys and electronics as well as chamber ensembles and orchestras. Her music has been described as “mesmerizing and affecting” (Feast of Music) and The New York Times noted her “capacity to surprise” and her “quirky approach to scoring”. She has written and performed music score for films “The Feeling of Being Watched”, “Love The Sinner”, and “Memories of a Penitent Heart”. She is a founding member of electronic indie band Balún, and works as a teaching artist for New York Philharmonic’s Very Young Composers Program and the Lincoln Center Education Program.

Angélica and Bayoán are long-time friends who grew up together in Puerto Rico. Although they have collaborated in many other projects before, “Councilwoman” marks the first time they bring a film score to life together.